Leisure and tourist attractions in Esslingen

Esslingen and the region offer plenty of attractions for your trip. On this page you will find a short abstract of museums, galleries, point of interests and places to visit in the surroundings of Esslingen and in Stuttgart.

Or visit one of our national festivals like the Cannstatter Wasen, the wine village in Stuttgart or one of the amazing Christmas markets of the region.

We are pleased to help you plan your trip, give helful adivse or order tickets for you.

Tourist destinations/ attractions


  • Town Museum Esslingen
  • J.F. Schreiber-museum Esslingen
  • Museum St. Dionys Esslingen
  • Mercedes-Benz museum, Stuttgart
  • Porsche museum, Stuttgart
  • Carl-Zeiss Planetarium, Stuttgart


  • WLB Württembergisches Landesbühne (local theater)
  • Cinema at the Esslinger Castle
  • Staatsgalerie (state gallery), Stuttgart
  • Altes- und Neues Schloss Stuttgart (old and new castle Stuttgart)
  • Musicals “Marry Poppins”, “Rocky”
  • Friedrichsbau –Varieté
  • Stuttgart Comedy


  • Burg und Stadtkirche Esslingen
  • Kessler Sektkellerei
  • Merkelsches Jugendstil Bad und Wellness-Oase
  • Wilhelma Zoologischer & botanischer Garten
  • Schlossgarten
  • Rosensteinpark
  • Markthalle Stuttgart

Attractions/ points of interests:

  • Outlet shopping in Metzingen
  • Ritter Sport (chocolate) Museum, Ritter Sport Remstal
  • Bad Urach
  • Boat trip on the river Neckar
  • Canoe trip in Esslingen on the river Neckar
  • Residence – castle Ludwigsburg
  • Horticultural show “Blühendes Barock”
  • Chinaware manufactory Ludwigsburg


  • Strawberry and climate festival - Strawberrys in all variations
  • Esslingen onion festival - traditional festival in Esslingen on the market square
  • Stuttgart wine village - everything about wine and regional food
  • Folk festival – spring festival
  • Cannstatter Wasen - big festival with fair and beer tents
  • Esslinger Christmas and medieval market
  • Stuttgart Christmas market
  • Baroque Christmas market in Ludwigsburg
  • Esslinger spring - Everything about gardening and open shops on Sunday
  • Esslingen sparkles - Esslingen is luminated everywhere and open shops until midnight
  • Esslinger autumn - Events in the city and open Sunday